General information:

This website is in no manner politically or ideologically motivated, neither should it glorify war, oppression or violence, nor offend or monopolize the feelings of the occupying forces or of those occupied during or after war, or respectively, their descendants.
The purpose of this website is to inform visitors about our idea of presenting a chapter of Austrian contemporary history by participating or organizing various events in Austria and abroad.

The contents of the following pages have been prepared with the greatest possible care. Despite regular updates, the correctness, accuracy, faultlessness and completeness of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

About us:

In our authentic uniforms and in original vehicles we participate as "Four in a Jeep" in various self-organized or external events, such as oldtimer rallies, information gatherings etc.. We would like to present a truthful picture of the International Patrol – made up of military police officers of the four allied force (USA, Great Britain, France, Soviet Union) which governed Vienna from 1945 to 1955 – to a broad audience.
Our main focus of interest is on the vehicles, organisation and public image of this special unit, and our aim is to give the audience insights into the cultural and social life of that time.
We also believe that the unifying effect created by this worldwide unique patrol, which was composed of members from four different nations and existed for ten years, deserves special attention.
In addition to that, the direct connection with the history of Vienna, which was also the theme of the 1951 movie "Four in a Jeep”, is of great importance to us. With our activities we would like to explain a significant part of Viennese and Austrian contemporary history to the world.

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It all started with the "Jeep":

So far we always drove a "Willy's Overland Jeep" built in 1943. This type of automobile was the most common vehicle of the "International Patrol" from August 1945 to September 1946 and was therefore the basis of our activities.

NEW:  „Dodge“ will be available soon:

A „Dodge WC 56 Command and Reconnaissance Car“, built in 1944, is now also available to us. After completion of some restoration work, we are planning to use this vehicle for the first time in spring 2012. This has brought us a huge step closer to achieving our aim of presenting all vehicles used by the International Patrol. We are now able to cover the period from autumn 1946 to the beginning of the 1950s. The corresponding uniforms are also ready for use!

More information and photographs see „VEHICLES“ and „UNIFORMS“!