General information:

This website is in no way politically or ideologically motivated, nor is it intended to glorify war, oppression or violence. It should not create a gap between the winners and losers of the war, occupiers and occupiers and their descendants, nor hurt their feelings. The purpose of these pages is to inform the user about our idea, by presenting the international patrol and participating and organizing events at home and abroad, to bring a piece of Austrian history closer to it.

The contents of this website have been compiled with the greatest possible care. Despite the regular updates, no guarantee can be given for the correctness, accuracy, freedom from errors and completeness of the information offered on these pages.

About us:

In our authentic uniforms we take part as International Patrol, US Military Police, Soviet NKVD patrols or in the uniforms of the first Allied High Commissioners at various events organized by us or ourselves, such as classic car rallies and fairs, historical events (Living-History), information meetings etc. We want to offer a broad audience the most authentic possible representation of a life situation shaped by the presence of the four allied armies and its effects on cultural and social life in Austria and especially in Vienna. In particular, we dedicate ourselves to the vehicles, the organization, and the appearance of the only International Patrol operating in Vienna. This police unit, which consists of US, British, French and Soviet military policemen and soldiers, helped shape the cityscape of Vienna for more than a decade.

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It all started with the "Jeep":

The first emergency vehicles used by the International Patrol were Willys Overland MB and Ford GPW Jeeps. These were in service from August 1945 and were replaced by larger vehicles in September 1946 after they offered too little space for four crew members.

We have a Ford GPW Jeep built in 1942, owned by our club member Ing.Thomas Steininger. The vehicle has undergone extensive repairs.

Dodge WC 56 and 57:

From September 1946 Dodge WC 56 and 57 (with winch) Command and Reconnaissance Cars were used. Like the jeep, this was a four-wheel drive military vehicle but significantly larger (Big Jeep).

The Dodge WC 56 we use, built in 1942, is provided by the club members Sylvia Hagen and Fritz Weixelberger. It has also undergone extensive repairs.

GAZ M 20 Pobeda:

At the end of 1951, the Soviet occupying power ushered in the era of sedans in the International Patrol. So that the vehicles and drivers were not provided exclusively by the USA, the first five GAZ M 20 sedans were put into service in December 1951 and were in service from that point until April 1955 under the Soviet Presidency of the Allied Council.

Our club chairman bought such a vehicle, built in 1955, in Latvia in 2017 and transferred it to Austria. The vehicle had to be partially restored to its original condition.

Chevrolet P 1951 Sedan:

In January 1952, the USA also brought the first sedans of the Chevrolet Special Series Six 1500JJ 4 door sedan into operation. They were even more comfortable and more powerful than the Pobedas and, except for the Soviet presidency, formed the standard vehicle fleet for the International Patrol until the end of the patrols in September 1955.

The Chevrolet used by our club, built in 1951, is provided by Sylvia Hagen and Fritz Weixelberger. Bought in the USA in 2014 and then subjected to extensive restoration, it has been at our gigs since 2015. .

More information and photographs see „VEHICLES“ and „UNIFORMS“!